Alfie’s Stars in Her Hair is about how important it is to be able to find, and then be, yourself. The work includes is a series of self-portraits, and also portraits of his much younger sister, looking at the contrasts between them, and considering the hopes and fears he has for both of them – particularly his sister.

Alfie says:

Stars in her Hair is a project that explains and annotates how it is possible to grow up without an external thought from others on how you should live, who you should love and what that would stereotypically entail. In short, people shouldn’t have to enforce stereotypes upon one at a young age definitively without mentioning who you ‘should’ love, therefore giving the young mind option and let it open itself up to individually love another, no matter what their gender or pronoun entails.

Shown here is my sister, as well as myself. My sister is at an early age, still growing in her head and finding new things to think about. She is small, but she will grow into someone who is strong, open and inclusive in her ways and we’re all sure of that. However, one could also be sure about how she is but human. No line should be drawn to separate the reality of what is and what isn’t in her world as there’s a sun rising all for her in the background.

Then there’s me, shown below. I’m shown in a dark light, in photos, which at first impressions, portray sinister meaning, which are surrounded by nothing. Does this mean I haven’t found my right persona yet? Does this mean that I’m not ready for big thoughts, big things and big imagination yet? Perhaps. But although my thoughts are unsteady and my mind is blank, I am sure I am on the way to being and making great things.

We might all identify as LGBTQ+, we might ensure upon ourselves a label to reside by- Gay, Homosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transexual, Transgender…etc. However, the reality remains, we are all human. No label or phrase or long, winding, complicated, tongue-twisting word can change that reality.

And although these photos may not mean or portray that to others instantly, hopefully I’ve made you think.

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