Into the Outside is a queer youth project creating a new digital archive that shares and celebrates stories from LGBTQ+ young people in Brighton & Hove and beyond.

Photo credit: Jay & George

The project seeks to create a legacy for Brighton & Hove recognising the richness, diversity and significance of its LGBTQ+ community, and providing a 21st century snapshot of contemporary youth attitudes and experiences of LGBTQ+ representation and lives.

The visual and conceptual bones of this new archive have been created by the young people taking part in this project.

Our website presents:

  • The voices of LGBTQ+ young people in Brighton & Hove and beyond
  • A gallery of new photography created by young people as part of the project
  • Information and advice for young people who might be coming out, or questioning their identity
  • Resources for teachers and youth workers supporting young people.
  • LGBTQ+ heritage through our archive partners’ collections
Photo credit: Jay & George


This heritage youth project is led by Photoworks in collaboration with Brighton & Hove Libraries Services, the Mass Observation Archive and the East Sussex Records Office. Many other organisations from across the city are also involved including local schools, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Queer in Brighton and Allsorts Youth Project.

Young people aged 13-25 identifying as LGBTQ+ have been re-examining Brighton & Hove’s rich LGBTQ+ past and exploring how issues faced by young people identifying as LGBTQ+ today compare with those faced by LGBTQ+ people over the past forty years.

Into the Outside investigates the period between 1967 (which saw the Sexual Offences Act partially decriminalize homosexual activity) and the present-day, encompassing some key historical moments for the LGBTQ+ community, such as the first Gay Pride marches, Section 28, the reduction of the age of consent, the Civil Partnership Act and the Equality Act.

Into the Outside is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.