Anisha has made a series of images that represented her day to day – places and objects that are important to her, moments in her week to capture and she gave us an intimate window into her world.


Bette has photographed her friends, shooting in locations where they hang out together.  Bette’s work celebrates the support that young people offer each other, whether they identify as LGBTQ+ or not. Bette wants to show that you can care for someone without having to be the same as them.


Bryony created a series of illustrations hand coloured using the colours of LGBTQ+ flags – this work is about solidarity and support. It’s also about how it is to support others who are different from you as well as those who share the same identity. Bryony also created a self-portrait inspired by Yves Klein’s anthropometrie […]


Carlos is very interested in documentary photography and portraiture so he set about to create a series of images that portrayed the energy, diversity and politics of the Trans Pride march in Brighton in June 2016.


Ellyott’s images use metaphor to describe a range of emotions he feels. The images are about Ellyott’s gender identity, and the journey he has been on. The final work was presented in a large grid form and it was accompanied by a poem. Fear You sit there taking in the torment Their lies, your lies […]


James’s series of self-portraits explore themes of desolation and isolation through images that place the body in the landscape.


Lili’s project Unknown explores identity, and her feeling of having an ‘unknown identity’. As part of her creative process, Lili wrote poetry and asked people to complete questionnaires in order to present multiple voices and identities. All these elements can be read together as one conversation. I Don’t Know Throughout life we encounter questions, Some […]


Mally has made a series of images both in the studio and in the landscape that show how he represents himself and his identity through Cos Play and his love of Anime. He has also written a poem and is expressing his identity through the culture and activity that he loves. He also made a […]


Charlie’s postcard series explores some of the terminology used to describe gender identity and sexual identity. Charlie felt strongly that definitions were very important to everybody throughout this project. Charlie wanted to find a way that made people pay more attention to them. Charlie has used a simple design and clear text against different coloured […]


Jay’s series of self-portraits all examine the development of their non-binary identity.


Atlantis is a series of works investigating notions of beauty and the impact of these pressures and norms, specifically around race and the unattainable beauty for black people that white society promotes. Romy is interested in how this impacts on emotional well-being and sense of self. The video Thought Patterns is about managing and living […]


Grandad is a short video about masculinity and the absence of male role models in Colin’s life.  Colin is exploring how it might have been to have had his grandfather around at a significant time in his life; he thinks about who he was and what might have been. He also considers the significant role […]


Willow conducted interviews with her friends at school – exploring a range of questions around identity – gender identity, sexual orientation, what it means to have your own identity and how you feel about other people’s identity. Willow combined these interviews with a series of portraits of her friends – that have both intimacy and […]


Saskia created a series of interviews questioning different issues relating to identity. The bedroom series presents the bedroom or space that the people she interviewed call home/sanctuary. It explores how important having this space is. Saskia’s second series is a personal self-portrait called Hold Your Own that communicates who Saskia is, and how proud of […]


Alfie’s Stars in Her Hair is about how important it is to be able to find, and then be, yourself. The work includes is a series of self-portraits, and also portraits of his much younger sister, looking at the contrasts between them, and considering the hopes and fears he has for both of them – […]


Behind Closed Doors is a series of images that convey some of the different kinds of emotions experienced by young people. She wanted to explore the kinds of emotions that people sometimes do not share with others. She conducted some interviews to start to think about the kinds of emotions to portray. She has used […]

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