“Politicians are there to represent us. We need to be political about our rights so that they get it”


Do you think people should be political about their rights as LGBTQ+ people?

Yes, instantly so. Politics is what drives this country. Especially more so now than ever, because of Brexit and now because of the general election where the Tories won by a small margin, but I’m not going to go through that, or I’ll get myself all fired up.

Basically, politicians are there to represent us. We need to be political about our rights, so that they get it. They act on what the people of their constituencies want and overall as a party what they represent. We, as a people in our constituency, are all varied, it doesn’t matter where we are in the UK, we are are own selves and we’re going to be and plan to be represented within the community, be it if our numbers vary in certain communities, we want to be there to say “We’re here. It’s not all straights here ma dear”.

We should get as political as we possibly can, because in this day and age politics is everything. Politics is what feeds us. The money that they give us is down to politics, also the things that they make for us, build for us, take away from us is down to politics. If they’re taking away our NHS, that’s less funding for LGBTQ+ related, maybe trans-gender surgery, less funding for that. I can’t name it, but you just need to be political, because you need to stand up for what you believe in as an individual and how you share that with your community.

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