“My name has changed over the years, because I felt I couldn’t identify as my birth name”


My name has changed majoritively over the years from one thing to another, because I felt I couldn’t identify as my birth name. Over the years I’ve changed it and I’ve now come back to my original decision, as to be my original me.

When it comes to chosen identity, it’s the typical, I was straight once upon a time. At twelve or thirteen was the last time I remember I was straight.

It was kind of moving into the second year of secondary school from the first. It was that weird bit, when you kind of realise that you might just be a little bit different from everyone else, because I genuinely was when it came to behaviour.

I decided, let’s give it a go being bi. I was bi and it worked out very well and in the years to come I decided to shift it straight to the old gay. And that is exactly what I am today.

When it comes to pronouns, there are so many that one can choose from and they are suiting for a particular thing that one wants to be perceived as. I don’t really have any preference when it comes to it. I understand that physically I’m male, but know that I don’t have to be. Mentally I’m not. Mentally I’m whatever. Mentally I can be anything, so I decided to be non binary and merging the two I was looking over the pronouns and everything and decided I might be Nanonbinary. It just suits me.

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