“My parents bought me the ticket to Pride for Christmas”


If there’s, especially queer teenagers that might not have money, might not have supportive parents. I mean my parents bought me the ticket to Pride for Christmas, so I’m not in that position, but for other kids who don’t have that money and don’t have a way of getting money, who want to be part of that, I don’t think that’s particularly fair and I don’t think that’s particularly what Pride should be about.

I think, I’ve always thought that Pride was a bit intense, because it’s so big. I mean it’s great,because you know it’s support and stuff, but it always scares me, because I think that I kind of want it to be suitable for all ages where it’s a bit more, I don’t know, yes it’s very expensive.

I think it’s quite important to have support for LGBTQ+ youth. If Pride, the big thing that happens annually celebrating LGBTQ+ people, isn’t supporting young people

or people who having bad background experiences from being LGBT Q+ I think it sucks, but those people also want to celebrate, but if they can’t because how things have happened to them due to it, then it’s kind of pointless isn’t it.

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