“My friends, luckily, are really accepting”


You know I’m still friends with my friends. My friends, luckily, are really accepting. I’ve had a few which have just completely turned me away and luckily I never have to see their faces again.

My family are absolutely fine. I can admit my Welsh side of my family, and I’m not generalising at all in any sense, but a lot of them were a bit unsure. A lot of them were a bit ‘Oh. OK. That’s a bit of a shock’, but that was where it ended. Because it’s not common up there. It’s a very heterosexualised community.

Back to secondary school, the feeling was more or less homophobic. People are very straight-minded. I can even remember at one point, because the community was going round, I even remember saying ‘I hate gay people’ and I completely regret those words, but that was only because of the fact that the community of people were so oblivious to the fact that was even happening. Now, since I came out and I’m still in connection with all my friends there, they’re actually alright and I can never understand the way that we thought of the LGBTQ community and the fact that was even meant to be alright at that point.

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