“In Russia, they’re putting us in concentration camps”

Do you know anything about other people living as LGBTQ+ in the world?

I know that in Russia it’s terrible. I also know that being LGBTQ+ is on pain of death in many countries. This includes, I think it might be Belize, I’ve forgotten, but they’ll kill you if they find out you are LGBTQ+.

In Russia, they’re putting us in concentration camps. I can go so far as to say I’ve never wanted a man dead so much as Putin, or Donald Trump and moving into that his view of America and his perception of the America one should live in, is fucking stupid. It does not bring into account the rights which we have fought for.

The world is almost turning against us, majoritively so in the East and the West, in everywhere. In the UK we are sandwiched between the weird, the hating of LGBTQness.

In the Middle East, mainly by IS, which is stupid. I knew a person who moved there and I’ve been in contact with him and he says he can’t express himself and that if he does, he’ll die. Which is sad. Which is really sad.

And, being in Russia you won’t die, you’ll just be ridiculed immensely by your community and then people, poor, poor people in Chechnya, being put in concentration camps and some of them killed.

We have moved past the days of World War Two. It’s suddenly not just race or religion, it’s now identity. One now can’t be free to express themselves how they feel. One must now abide by the rules of society, whatever they are, in wherever they are. It’s just stupid and I just want it all to stop really, like the rest of us.

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