“I’m a lot more open with my friends in Brighton”


I only came out to my family sexuality wise in October, so I talked about it then. Only I didn’t, I wrote it down and they read it and it’s come up a few times since, but nothing major. I think they need time to get used to it

With my friends, it has come up all the time. Especially when I wasn’t out to my parents it was mostly, ‘How have you not come out yet? How are you going to do it?’ For ten years! ‘You haven’t done it yet! No, I haven’t done it.’

I think there’s a divide between my friends back home in Croydon and my friends in Brighton. I’m a lot more open with my friends in Brighton. Whereas my friends in Croydon don’t necessarily understand things about my gender and then I feel like I want to be more sure of it before I start explaining everything, or I’m going to have to really explain everything when I’ve changed it.

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