“Everyone questioning an identity or an orientation wants to find out more”


What advice would you give to a young person questioning their sexual orientation or their gender identity?

This is quite hard actually. When it comes to questioning identity and orientation, one must consider a lot of things. First if they talk about it, are they out yet? If they’re not out, who can they talk with? Can they talk it through with themselves? Do they feel like talking it through with themselves? Can you go to the Internet in certain situations? Is the Internet being monitored? Can you genuinely express yourself in the boundaries in which you have set, or others have set for you or you feel others have set for you? I would say, if I was giving advice to someone, I would ask them those questions. I would ask them, do you have limits in what you can express?

Because everyone questioning an identity or an orientation wants to find out more about something and the best thing to find that out, is to talk to others and it’s hard. I’d say instantly Google it first. Make sure that if you don’t want others to see you questioning your orientation or identity, that you’re not being monitored on  that specific network. That you know that you are going to be safe within your own means and to express yourself within your own means.

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