Coming out

Allsorts Youth Project

Allsorts Youth Project is a project based in Brighton & Hove supporting and empowering children and young people under 26 who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, or are unsure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Allsorts offers face-to-face support and group work for children and young people, as well as providing LGBTQ+ awareness training for professionals and agencies. The Allsorts website includes a wealth of useful material and resources relating to LGTBQ+ children and young people.

Bullying UK

Bullying UK is part of Family Lives, a charity supporting parents/guardians in dealing with the constant changes throughout family life. Bullying UK offers an anti-bullying helpline and online chat for parents/children/young people to discuss any issues they might be having. There is also an LGBTQ+ section on their website that contains information regarding coming out and supporting your child.

Coming Out UK

Coming Out UK is an organisation that aims to provide help and support to those in LGBTQ+ community looking to “come out”.

The Equality Network (Scotland)

The Equality Network is a national charity working for LGBTQ+ equality and human rights within Scotland. The Equality Network website features a range of useful resources, news and events relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES)

GIRES’ purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender non-conforming people, including those who are non-binary and non-gender. GIRES offers  help and support to individuals, but also seeks to improve medical care, advise policy-makers and support educators; ultimately with the aim to improve the environment in which gender non-conforming people live.

Just Like Us

Just Like Us is a charity which sends recent LGBTQ+ school-leavers into schools to give talks and run workshops to combat homophobia and make schools better places for young LGBTQ+ pupils.

LGBT Foundation

LGBT Foundation is a national charity that offers a range of services for LGBTQ+ communities. A wealth of support, advice and information can be found on their website.

MindOut (Brighton)

Brighton-based MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay men, bisexual, trans, and queer people. MindOut offers peer support groups, wellbeing activities, an online support service and runs anti-stigma campaigns for mental health.

The National Trans Youth Network (NTYN)

The National Trans Youth Network represents young transgender people across all areas of the UK. NTYN provide opportunities for young trans people, plan campaigns and support the needs of trans people up to the age of 25, and those that work on their behalf in educational institutions.

Naz & Matt Foundation

The Naz and Matt Foundation exists to empower and support LGBTQ+ communities and their friends/families when they face challenges, particularly when heavily influenced by religion. The Naz & Matt Foundation hopes to advance education by creating an understanding of LGBTQ+ issues across all communities, cultures and religions.

Pace Yourself LGBT

Pace Yourself LGBT is a charity providing access to free and reliable information for LGBTQ+ young people and their families and friends.

The Proud Trust (Manchester)

Manchester-based organisation, The Proud Trust, helps young LGBTQ+ people empower themselves to make a positive change for themselves and their communities. The Proud Trust delivers training, organises campaigns and undertakes research – their website also includes lots of useful resources.


Regard is a national organisation for members of the LGBTQ+ community who self-identify as disabled. Regard aim to provide information, advice and support to LGBTQ+ disabled people, raise awareness and campaign on issues affecting disabled LGBT people, and to combat social isolation among LGBTQ+ disabled people.

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