Emotional Images

(duration 1-1.5 hours)

This activity is designed to work in all settings with young people. The purpose of the activity is to enable discussions to take place about the situations and experiences that can affect emotional health and wellbeing. This activity also develops visual and emotional literacy.

Look at, Read, Listen to

1. Ask the group to discuss how the experiences shared by the Into the Outside Youth Collective might affect their emotional health and wellbeing. Then, as a group make a list of some of the emotions explored.

2. In advance of this activity, you will need to have created your own set of images, appropriate to your group, that they can begin to read different emotions into. Ask the group to watch a slideshow of these images and for each image call out any emotions or ‘states of being’ that can be drawn from the images. Add these words to your earlier list.

3. Choose three emotions from the list you have compiled, and in pairs create three photographs that depict your chosen emotions.  However, the challenge here is to create a photograph that doesn’t have any people in it, encouraging young people to think more deeply about the things that make them happy or sad.

4. Once the group has finished, print out or download their final images.  Ask each pair to talk about one of the images they’ve created and what they have tried to convey.

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