Tiff Ansari

[22 years old]

“I work at Revenge. It’s absolutely great! Everyone behind the bar are really good friends. You get a bit of gossip like you get anywhere but, for instance, when Gangnam Style came out, everyone started dancing every time the song came on, in unison! Like, synchronised! And it’s great if you like celebrities, because there’s loads! I met Gok Wan. He just came in one night. It’s nice to be in, like, a gay community, ‘cause most – even though they’re not all gay – most of them are queer. Whatever word you may like to use, most of the staff are. So there’s always someone who kind of understands how you feel or what you’re doing. Two of my friends there are bisexual as well and I’m bisexual. So it’s nice to see their point of view on things and how they deal with girls, and how they deal with boys and stuff like that, which is cool for me personally.”

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