Coming Out Stories



Text version When I first knew I was gay I felt uncertain of how people would react and felt like I would be rejected. I decided I couldn’t keep it hidden because it felt like I wasn’t being honest to myself and it was tearing me up inside so I chose to tell each of […]


Text version I never actually orally came out to any of my family – I wrote letters or texts, it seemed easier. My sexuality felt like an awkward subject regardless of my sexual orientation, something I didn’t overly want to discuss anyway. I think my parents already knew, using ‘he or she’ when referring to […]


Text version Me: I have a girlfriend Mum: What? Are you sure? Me: Yeah, I want her to be my girlfriend A long pause followed, with much confusion from my mum and crying on my part. Mum: But….. What about Rupert Grint? I laughed, she held me, both teary. I don’t think I expected her […]


Text version I told my mum I was gender fluid, she laughed and said ‘You couldn’t be anything other than female if your life depended on it, look at you’. I told my partner I was gender fluid, he said ‘ok’ and bar the odd slip early on used my correct pronouns forever after, nothing […]


Text version We’re not against CIS het white men. We’re against assholes. If you really aren’t an asshole…you’re on our side.


Text version Coming out? Why do we need to come out? I don’t see straight people sitting their friends and family down to tell them that they are straight? So why do we? Yes some of us love those of the same sex, yes some of us don’t feel comfortable in the body we were […]


Text version For me, I haven’t really ‘come out’ yet. There’s been no massive moment or anything like that. Yet. I guess I’ve come out to a few people individually but for most of my friends they’ve just kind of got the idea without me saying anything or learnt from rumours spread a few years […]


Text version I really hate coming out stories. Not only do I hate thinking about my own awkward stuttering and crying, but I hate seeing, reading about, or discussing other people’s coming out stories, due to it either making me relive my own sporadic experiences or for it making me feel guilty for having not […]


Text version Understatic I remember the 12 year old me, I lived a busy life at a busy school in busy South East London, I had an adventurous mind and with my adventurous girlfriend by my side, nothing could stop us. But in those days of 2012, where people like me in my school alike […]


Text version When I came out to my mum she kept asking me if I was joking. She said so you don’t fancy any boys then? I said no. Not even four? She said. I said no again. Then she went to Pizza Hut to celebrate and we got a pizza with peppers and sweetcorn. […]


Text version ‘Brush your teeth’ I never really felt I had to come out to my parents having a gay sister that my parents still loved always gave me relief. Also the fact that I never had to hide myself from them never gave me a reason to ‘come out’ to them. I guess it […]


Text version In this moment, right now as I’m writing this, I’m living a double life. There’s the me I am in this place, this town, where I can be open with everyone. No one bats and eyelid or knows any different. Here I am the superhero, cape and all, brave, fearless and free. Then […]

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