“Sex ed. is just straight and for us that’s living hell”


We’ve progressed so much. And then we have the schooling system, we have the education system that does not represent us in any means. Not in any means might be a bit harsh.

Sex ed. is just straight and for us that’s living hell. When it comes to being noticed, when it comes to wanting to know more about us as individuals and us within the community in which we are in, we don’t want to know the norm way of having sexual contact. We want to know how we are going to have it. I just think that’s an absolute shad.

I think we should completely re-configure everything when it comes to sex ed to make sure that we’re all heard and make sure that we’re all felt, because there are a lot of places where we are not.

I think they could make changes to staffing. If they were to be accepted in to the school as a teacher, I think they should run tests on them to see if they are open and they are accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, because there is nothing worse than a homophobic, trans phobic, everyotherthingphobic teacher. There’s nothing worse. If you want to learn more about everything and they’re telling you you can’t be you, then you could just walk right out. I would. I’m not recommending it, but what can you do?

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