“A name isn’t everything”


It was Alfie, name wise, all the way up until an event happened when I was thirteen. After that, I didn’t necessarily think (and this was out of partial shame, partial anxiety-issues) that I decided from a point in time up until very, very recently, I couldn’t identify as my birth name, because I was worried that I’d be found by some people in the past that I didn’t want to associate myself with any more. So I decided that (not legally, as my name is still legally Alfie) I would change it, as a little persona.

It’s very recently cascaded from me being Nate to me being Ashey. I got that from a place name on the Isle of Wight, I don’t know why,  I just thought it was quite a nice name.

Then something snapped in me, which made me realise I know I wasn’t hiding myself from myself, but I felt that using another name was distancing my own self, from my own self.

A name isn’t everything, I completely understand that. If I had the choice, which I do, I would be called Ashey legally, but I think for this point in time I don’t feel like it, I don’t have the mindset to be like that, so I’ve decided to return to Alfie and I’m pretty happy.

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