“I think we need to make changes in the language that we use”


What role do you feel the education system plays in all this, if any?

I think the way to discuss this, would be looking forward because I can’t change anything about the experiences I’ve already had in education, which was very, ‘everyone is straight, everyone is cis, there is nothing else that exists outside of this’.

I think we need to make changes in the language that we use. I find this a lot at university when they’re talking about things. They always put she/he, they could just use they. It’s grammatically correct. It’s one word, please start using it. It’s fine.

We need more open and honest and varied sexual education. Especially because it’s supposed to be a sexual education. I get that you need to learn about reproduction. Have that as something separate. Sexual health should be taught as sexual health and for everybody, because not everybody is going to be a woman having sex with a man.

Then there are other kind of elements that come into play if you’re looking at other sexual orientations and people need to know about these as well. I don’t think it should just be about the,’well you get pregnant, you have a baby’. There’s a lot more to it than that. I think we need to start teaching people that.

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