Trans Experience

This activity is designed to work in more generic settings where young people have not necessarily openly sought support in questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation. You may be unaware of how young people are making sense of many aspects of their developing identities. Be mindful of supporting how the group approaches this activity. Only undertake the activity if it feels safe for the group as a whole to undertake.

The purpose of the activity is to create a safe space where young people can discuss the issues involved, understand others’ experiences and develop awareness and empathy.

Look at, Read, Listen to

1. Choose a single photograph and create a narrative (story) around what you can, or can’t see. What happened before/after the photograph was taken? Who are the characters? What’s their story? What is the setting for the story?

2. Create a new photograph (or series of photographs) that tells your own version of what happened next.

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