Lucy Foster

[24 years old]

“I think the worst thing is being scared to tell people. I think it’s the thing of changing peoples’ expectations. That’s what I don’t like. ’Cause when I told my dad I was like, ‘But I’m the same person.’ And he said, ‘But you’re not.’ And I was like, ‘But I am!’ So I suppose it’s just the fear of being treated differently which is what made me want to start coming out to people, ’cause I hate being hailed as straight when it’s not the case. So that’s really pushed me to tell people because you just feel like you’re being false. But there’s still some people that I’m not out to… I live with a family and I’m not out to them. And it’s kind of, yeah I should, because I don’t like putting it on. I think what’s holding me back more is I want to be comfortable with my own sexuality before I can tell people about it.”

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